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Growing up, my parents encouraged my siblings and I to discover our freak flag – that thing that makes you stand out, the thing makes you freaky. For me, there are three key things that make up my freak flag. 

1.     The first thing is traveling. I had the opportunity to study and volunteer abroad during my high school and college career. In 2011, I volunteered for Quito-based Fundacion Pachama, a nonprofit organization founded by Lyn Twist aimed at protecting the rainforest and the rights of the indigenous populations located there.

2.     The second thing is stories. I’m a total bookworm and spend more time in a book than anywhere else. That passion for stories led me to intern for Entrepreneurs’ Organization in 2015 where I had the opportunity to interview Philadelphia EO Members about their experiences and businesses.

3.     The last and third thing is entrepreneurship. While I’m just a wanna-be entrepreneur, I grew up with an entrepreneur for a father and spent time watching him build businesses. Entrepreneurship is a huge part of what makes me tick. In 2012, I interned with Verne Harnish and helped in his Fortune Magazine’s Leadership and Growth Summits where I was surrounded by rock star speakers and entrepreneurs. I also worked with my Dad’s (Barrett Ersek) company Holganix, managing their inbound marketing including their website, social media, blogging and content creation.

I truly believe that these three things that make up my freak flag have culminated into our BHAG: to travel to 7 South American countries in 7 months and interview 100 entrepreneurs, learn their stories and write about them in our blog. For more information on me, check out my LinkedIn profile here.


Andrew Bagwell


As a recent college graduate at Temple University, I had the opportunity to spend time working for several start up companies, soaking in everything they told me. Working with start-ups pushed me to wear many hats and get creative in order to best help build their companies. In 2011, I had the opportunity to work in the marketing department of start up snack manufacturer: Pretzel Pete. In 2012, I helped a start up Yoga Studio design their studio and launch their marketing strategy. Later that year, I had my first taste of big business in a sales function at Kellogg’s and in 2015, I joined forces with a friend to help build his start up fire alarm company.

People see me as a thrill seeker; whether it's skydiving or action sports like skateboarding, skimboarding or bodybuilding, I'm always looking for the next big adventure. In addition to my passion for excitement, I love art, being physically active and helping others. Because of my love for helping others, while in South America I plan on volunteering with start-ups and non profits.

Throughout the adventure, I’ll be video taping several of the interviews and designing the overall book layout and plan.

For more information on me, check out my LinkedIn profile here and my art website here.

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