Perrot Logistics: "If you take care of the company, it will take care of you."

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Perrot Logistics was founded in 1940 by Oscar Perrot as an ice transportation business. Since 1940, the company has continued to grow and is now one of the pioneering logistics and shipping companies in super stacker containers. Today, one of Perrot’s biggest customers is Nestle Chile.

“We provide all foreign trade logistics for Nestle Chile, while also providing other solutions like transportation of oversized cargo, onsite and route surveys, supervision on ground and more,” says Efrain Rodriguez, CIO of Perrot Logistics. Efrain is a former U.S Air Force Communications Analyst and the son-in-law of Mauricio Perrot, current CEO of Perrot Logistics.

“One of the biggest challenges we face,” says Efrain, “is trying to bring a sense of common ground to family members and employees who work for the company. We have to bring the generation gap closer and bring the passion of Mauricio to every employee and family member of Perrot Logistics.”

Mauricio has kept the family company together through thick and thin. “I started trucking when I was 17. I was hooked in the transportation industry from then on. It is all I know.” For Mauricio the company is a manifestation of his father, and he makes sure to keep the company strong.

Today, Perrot Logistics stands by three values which were passed down from Oscar Perrot:

1.     Delight your clients

2.    Take care of your people

3.   Make sure the business is profitable.

“If we continuously ensure that we are living by these three values, the company will take care of itself,” explains Efrain. “And, if you take care of the company, it will take care of you.”