Sin Rutina: Creating a Network of Gym and Fitness Facilities

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On July 23, 2015, dozens of start up enterprises came together to pitch their ideas at Seedstars Buenos Aires. The prize? A ticket to Switzerland to go head to head with entrepreneurs from all over the world for the chance to win a 1.5 million dollar investment. Seedstars World is an organization dedicated to “creating THE network of quality entrepreneurs around the world and helping entrepreneurs, accelerators, co-working spaces and investors interact with one another.”


First place went to social tech company, Flimper which helps businesses increase engagement and brand awareness through the usage of hashtags on Twitter. Flimper places easy to read information directly into the company’s hands, telling them specifics as to how the company is effectively (or not effectively) using Twitter. Second place went to Increase, a tech start up that helps other businesses manage and understand their cash flows and assists with processing tax returns.

However, we had the opportunity to get to know third place winner, Miguel Appellaniz of Sin Rutina best. In spanish “Sin Rutina” means “without routine” which describes the novelty and creativity of his one-year-old start up in the fitness and wellness industry. As a huge sports fanatic, Miguel knows the gym search experience needs innovating and Sin Rutina is his answer to that problem. The start up provides access to 320+ fitness and gym centers throughout Buenos Aires. Members pay a monthly subscription fee based on the number of gyms they want access to. For example, Gold Members have access to 224 gyms in Buenos Aires, and 522 exclusive activities like cross training and swimming classes. While, Platinum Members have access to all gyms and classes and Silver Members can access 121 gyms and 314 classes. This way, users have the ability to select plans based on their workout regimen and can access any gym or fitness activity (yoga, crossfit, dancing, pilates, etc) as opposed to the traditional way of belonging to a single gym. “We believe what is important to the customer is the freedom to change their fitness decisions if they are not satisfied, without a penalty,” states Miguel. In turn, Sin Rutina pays the gyms within their network a fixed amount per visit from a Sin Rutina customer.  

Miguel on right

Miguel on right

Miguel believes the fitness and wellness industry in Buenos Aires looks promising. While only 5% of Buenos Aires’ population attends a fitness or wellness center, Miguel expects that number to grow and so do investors. In fact, Miguel just closed his second round of financing. His angel investors came from Uruguay partially due to the lack of available private or public capital in Argentina.

Seedstars World is just one organization trying to make the lives of entrepreneurs in Argentina easier through their financing and mentorship competitions. After winning third place at Seedstars Buenos Aires, we can't wait to see how Miguel will grow his business in the future.